Snapchat: Promote your Brand

Let’s face it, not every brand is deemed as interesting, exciting, or even relatable in today’s society. This is especially true for company’s that want to reach a younger audience, but don’t know how to. Working for an electric cooperative, Basin Electric, it can be hard to make electricity a hot topic for anyone under 50. One way we’ve been combating this and making them aware of our brand is through Snapchat.

With the fourth of July parade bringing thousands of people to Mandan, we found this as the perfect opportunity to reach a younger audience while showing our involvement in the community with a Snapchat filter. We didn’t want the focus of the filter to be our brand, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, but instead wanted to encourage users to promote the festivities at the parade.

How do filters work?

As people take Snapchats, they can swipe right on their phone and it will lead them to a variety of geo-filters that are made specifically for the location that they are in. When you upload your artwork to Snapchat, you will select the geographical location that you want the filter to run in, and the cost of the filter will be based off of the square footage and the length of time you want it to run.

In the case of the parade, this is what the artwork I created looked like that would be overlayed on all of the snaps in the downtown area.


Once users swipe and add the filter, this is what it looks like when they send it to their friends.

Man uses his Mobile Phone outdoor

How successful are they?

I think the success of the filter is based off of how fun and relatable it is to users, along with the location of it. It’s going to be hard to get a significant amount of uses if you don’t have a filter that people want to share with their friends.

This filter was our most successful one with 1,500 swipes (people who swiped and saw the filter), 432 people using the filter, and 15,700 total views over the course of 4 hours. Total views are calculated based off of people who personally received the Snapchat or saw it on other users stories.

Tips for successful filters:

  1.  Follow their rules and guidelines so that your filter gets approved.
  2. Submit it early. They limit the amount of filters that can run in a certain location at once, so submitting early ensures that you have a spot.
  3. Keep it simple. Less information is more when it comes to Snapchat. Remember that users have up to 10 seconds to read these, and people frequently send a message along with the filter that needs to be read during this time.
  4. Make it compelling. Whether it’s funny, pretty, bold, or weird, make a filter that users will want to share with their friends.
  5. Make sure it works on all backgrounds. While most filters will look great on the plain white background you submit it on, they need to be readable on all photos. Test it by overlaying it on a multitude of photos, backgrounds and colors.
  6. Test it. For only $5 you can run a test-run of the filter to make sure it works perfect.
  7. Promote it. This is especially true for smaller events. By spreading it through word of mouth, with signage, social media, or simply by using it and sending it out during the event, you will get more usage.